How do pre-authorization transactions work (pending transactions)?

Pre-authorized transactions (or pre-authorized holds or pending) reflect purchases or credits that have not yet been fully settled by the merchant. 

You can see pre-authorized transactions in your Instant App under Latest Transactions as soon as you make a purchase. It will be labelled as “pending” to let you know that it hasn’t settled yet.

Once a transaction is settled, the final amount will appear on your Dashboard as a "spent" transaction.

Some retailers like gas stations, hotels, car rentals, and restaurants place a temporary hold on your card that's often higher than your final purchase amount. Once the retailer finishes the work on their end to settle the transactionyou will see the actual amount you spent in Latest Transactions as a 'spent' transaction. Please keep in mind that sometimes it can take several days, depending on the retailer.

Pre-authorized transactions (pre-authorized holds or pending) will reduce your account balance, until the transaction is fully settled, and any held funds (above the settle/spent amount) are released. 

If you have questions about a transaction, please open the live chat window in the bottom right of this screen labelled "HELP" to connect with a Support Agent.  



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